My name is Zach Pearson.
I am a story teller through visual imagery.

Through photography I aim to portray the connection between humans and the natural elements. With the expansion of modern society and technology, I believe humans have lost a deep and meaningful connection to nature and the elements. I love ancient mythology and the stories of the gods. I feel we need to reconnect with our past, when nature was worshipped for it’s power and beauty.
I want to show human beings interacting and connecting with primal forces of nature.
Outdoor adventure sports, such as surfing and rock climbing tend to transcend the typical label of “sport” and showcase humans harnessing the magnitude and power of nature; humans attempting to go toe to toe with something much stronger and more powerful than themselves.
My dream is to be able to give something back to the natural world that has always inspired my life and photography.
I believe in the power of nature and the elemental forces that shape this world. With my camera I hope to showcase why the natural world deserve protecting, and what we can do to help.

Reach out if you're interested in collaborating!